Necessary Or Not

I’m speaking about polls and the alarmists who use them. You know it’s election time by the poll reporting, how this candidate is “winning” or “losing” depending on “this” or “that” poll. Funny how there’s not a poll on polling. You know, how stupid polling really is on a scale of one to ten, ten being insidiously stupid. Is it just me, or do political pundits delight in poll watching? I’m declaring today the official start of the 2016 poll games. Which pollster will win the championship trophy for predicting the outcome of the 2016 Presidential race? Which political pundits will be honored for picking the winning pollster?  If I didn’t know better, I’d say we’re being hoodwink, bamboozled, ridiculed, sold down the river, you get the picture. Why? So, those in the political prediction world can try to control the outcome of the Presidential race. Then after the elections, political pundits will hold a lengthy debate on the illusion of polling and how it doesn’t work.

Speaking of illusions, how convenient was it for Adam to blame Eve for the both of them being banished from Eden. C’mon, why take Adam’s version of this event, it’s just as likely that Eve was created first, then Adam was created second, and it was Adam who ate the forbidden fruit. Doesn’t it make more sense to blame the person responsible for creating the serpent and the forbidding tree.? What was he thinking? Holy smokes, a serpent and a forbidden tree was suppose to co-exist with Eve and Adam? On what planet?  Which brings me to my point, isn’t it ironic how in today’s society, many religious leaders find scapegoats for the sins they don’t want to admit to themselves. Some things never change.

By now everybody knows how our corporate media apparatus had invested heavily in a two horse Presidential race by any means necessary. This way all the bidding wars can supersede the last election. The new normal, elections for sale to the highest bidder, because a few Billionaires are driven by delusions of deity.

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