Citizens United Opened Pandora’s Box

Except this box contains all the abundance of the world. C’mon, do you really think all those GOP candidates really believe he/she can win the nomination? No, what they do believe in is money. Accumulating more wealth is a game to these people, don’t get it twisted, I ain’t mad at them. I too have a similar concept, it’s called Income Equality. You know, where every American receives a livable wage no matter if he/she receives Government income. Then as if that wasn’t enough, every American has access to quality health care. Ding, ding, ding, jackpot. So, my point is, I’m grateful to Citizens United for expanding every American’s consciousness of abundance.  See mom, there’s good in everything.

To his credit, Jeb Bush is singing the praises of his brother’s Presidency, you know the brother who created ISIS. Well, fortunately for the rest of us, we know what delusional looks and sounds like, thanks Jeb. Speaking of delusions, Lindsey Graham entered the race for the GOP Presidential nomination with emphasis on national security. C’mon, all Lindsey Graham does is his best imitation of Orson Welles “War of the World,” doomsday broadcast when it comes to Iran. Seriously, this Chicken Hawk is all cluck and no backbone.

If I had a dime for every scam GOPers perpetrate on their constituents, I’d be a Billionaire. Just saying!

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