Or universal health care, whichever you prefer, as for me, universal health care rocks. Here’s my suggestion, instead of worrying what the John Roberts’s court will decide on their agenda to annihilate the ACA, we can honor our worthiness for universal health care by elected more Progressives. Think about this, you no longer have to worry about getting sick, of worry while you’re sick of going bankrupt, why, because every American has access to quality healthcare paid for by our Government. You know, Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Neat concept, don’t you agree. Listen, there are ISIS reasons why Grifters want you to be afraid of universal health care, it’s their means of controlling you. Duh, it time to scoff at fear and be amused that the King vs. Burwell is just another version of, “War of the worlds.” You know, how our corporate media apparatus causes a nationwide panic by broadcasting doom and gloom. Fear is the key to a fiscally conservative society.

Speaking of universal health care, we can look forward to more opportunities. It’s a win, win. ;-D  Think about this, universal health care coupled with livable wages, Americans hit the jackpot and we’re worth it.

Speaking of worthiness, Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom and Equality, does it get any better than that?