The fear of large objects. Holy smokes, for a long time, I’d thought I was the only person on this planet suffering from the fear of large objects. However, approximately one decade ago, my sisters were trying again, to talk me into going on a cruise with them, that’s when I’d finally told them of my secret. Before that, I’d giving them the impression that I really wanted to go, because I was more afraid of being ridiculed. After revealing my secret, I went straight to the internet, did a search, and just like that, the word Megalophobia was discovered. Interesting enough, I don’t feel so alone. My point, if you have a fear of large objects, I feel you, you’re not alone, and if there’s a cure for this, I don’t want it. Why, because I’m also a miniature enthusiast. Go figure! ;-D

Is it just me, or do you feel like telling Jeb Bush, “Since your brother created ISIS, you need a bigger distraction.”  C’mon,  Jeb Bush has the most tortured face and yes, there ISIS reason Jeb Bush hasn’t declared his run for the Presidency, just saying.

Waz up low information voters? Feeling pretty smug aren’t ya, with all those Gifters clamoring for your votes. I hear the more popular Gifters are Bush, Walker, Rubio, and Paul, but that top four Grifter’s list changes rapidly. I guess it’s hard sticking to one Grifter, I don’t envy any of you. Can’t wait to see which Grifter wins the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination.

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