Poor Americans Do Have A Lobbyist

It’s a powerful force, lacks fear, is heart felt, and resonates warm and loving feelings. It’s contagious, knows no boundaries, and is infallible. I know, our corporate media apparatus holds Citizens United in high esteem. You know, the phony manipulative bidding war for the U.S. Presidency. Well, think again, there’s a new sheriff in town and her name is Equality.

Run, hide, or fight, three words on what I should do, in case a shooter came to my work place and started randomly shooting people. I kid you not, it’s the new normal. Thanks to the Extremists known as the NRA, I’m looking forward to early retirement. The NRA’s extracurricular fear mantra has finally reached the level of invading the yearly compliance tests my Employer mandated that I and every other employee participate in. Who would have thunk it that the NRA made work place shootings as normal as low wages.

Don’t tell low information voters, but the Chicken Hawks, you know them as the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates, eat, sleep and breathe wars for profit. Can’t blame them, Chicken Hawks never saw a tax payer dollar they didn’t want to privatize. Oh, well, at least it keeps them busy, otherwise they might get bored.

Speaking of boredom, Rand Paul walked back some of his truth be told on Iraq, you know, how the Chicken Hawks were complete responsibility for creating ISIS. As predictable as sunshine, Rand did what others before him have done, blame Hillary Clinton. If I had a dime every time a Republican lied about Hillary Clinton, I’d be a Billionaire. ;-D

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, she is a Phenom and she’s aligned with Equality. With all her momentum it’s not hard to see why the GOPers are resentful. C’mon, more Americans eat, sleep, and breathe Equality.

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