Relax, You And I Are Worthy Of Quality Healthcare

No need to fear the John Roberts’s court decision on the ACA. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what Republicans, Low Information voters, or the five conservative SCOTUS Justices, say or do to annihilate the ACA, we are still worthy of quality healthcare. Knowing that and feeling that, has its benefits. We’re on the path to single-payer healthcare, so relax, we’ve only just begun. You and I are worthy of quality healthcare, we’re infallible. ;-D

American workers are the only job creators and yes, our corporate media apparatus hijacked, “Job Creators,” for the personal gratification of a few Billionaires, but hey, who could blame them? Dishonesty and deceit permeates their thinking as much as pitting American workers against each other for the amusement of these Billionaires. These Billionaires, or what I like to refer to them as, Gordon Gekko wanna be, with their, “Greed is good mantra,” are old, outdated and stale. If you think these Billionaires eliminate jobs and/or ship American jobs overseas in today’s economy, as Income Equality spreads across our country, and more American workers join the livable wage club, these relics will expedite their thrust of eliminating American jobs out of spite. No need to fear, American workers are worthy of Income Equality and we’ll make sure more jobs are created.

Republicans coupled with low information voters, will continue to attack Government programs, entities, workers, it’s what they do best. Simply put, that’s the way they’re wired, they can’t help it. Knowing that and feeling that, aren’t you glad you’re not one of them?

Marilyn Mosby is a Phenom, because she will stand up for exemplary police officers in lieu of kowtowing to corrupt police officers.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of corrupt/abusive policing is for good cops to do nothing.”

Speaking of Phenoms, Hillary Clinton already had FOX barking up the wrong tree. I’m loving it! ;-D

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