Gambler’s Paradise

The opportunity to make money by predicting in sequential order which and when each 2016 GOP Presidential candidate’s delusional bubble will burst, or simply put, quits the race. Look, I don’t make the rules, gambling has been around since the beginning of our existence, it ain’t nothing new. Harmless or not, I can appreciate the opportunity for those willing to predict which 2016 GOP Presidential candidate will make the first, second, third, etc. conceding the race speech. You know, the one speech where the candidate apologizes to his victims, oops, I’d meant supporters, for scamming them, oops, for misleading them, oops, for supporting his/her campaign. Where the corporate media apparatus will have numerous debates on the merits and global statue of this amazing candidate, linguistic code for, “Good job scamming those idiots, hope to see you back here in four more years, wink, wink.” There’s a party going on out there, it’s called, “The 2016 GOP Presidential Delusional Dance.”  Thanks Citizens United. ;-D

Did Rand Paul step into a Nebraska size cow pasture yesterday? He spoke truth about his party’s complete responsibility in creating ISIS and boy did he pissed a few Chicken Hawks. Their feathers were ruffled and they came out chuckling away. I can only speak for myself, but after listening to Rand Paul, I see a bright future in his politics, if he continues down this new path. Otherwise, if he goes back to his old path, well his elevated awareness was good while it lasted. Word to the wise Rand Paul, you could take this new found awareness all the way to Politics heaven. Just saying! ;-D

Speaking of war, the bidding war by a few Billionaires to buy the United States Presidency, will be televised on FOX. C’mon, Billionaires need attention as much as the rest of us. As for me, I’m happy for the people living with the delusion of persecution. There will be plenty of toxic campaign ads to feed their fear addiction. Thanks Citizens United. ;-D

Look, I get it, Republicans have to suppress the vote, otherwise the have a snowball chance in hell of electing a GOP President, ever again. The writings on the wall, because low information voters eventually figure out they’re being scammed.

I’ll say it again, you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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