The Reason Why Bernie Sanders Is On A Fool’s Errand

Too many low information voters. Bernie Sanders is not a threat to the 1%, no, he’s a threat to millions of low information voters, living in fear. Bernie’s supporters are fully aware of this reality and make no mistake, they’re doing a great job pretending. They know Bernie is on a fool’s errand. There are too many low information voters recklessly voting for Grifters. Don’t believe me, look at Texas, Arizona, and every state controlled by Republicans, c’mon, I rest my case. ;-D

How did America get to this place, you know, too many low information voters? Because our corporate media apparatus keeps millions of Americans forever feeling insecure, while holding out the carrot stick of security. Our corporate media apparatus is the father of today’s low information voters. In order for a few billionaires to accumulate more and more wealth, our corporate media apparatus holds dishonesty in high esteem. Don’t believe me, watch Morning Joe for one minute, I rest my case. ;-D

I like Bernie Sanders, don’t get me wrong, his progressive stance has its benefits, but there are too many low information voters, don’t believe me, look at our majorities in congress, I rest my case. ;-D

Bottom line, splitting the Progressive vote is the most Bernie Sanders will do. Bernie is fully aware of this and decided to do it anyway, oh well, might as well make this election exciting for our corporate media apparatus.

I could be wrong, time will tell! ;-D

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