They Say Bible, We Hear Faulty Intelligence

The next time a Republican stands on his/her pulpit and declare the teachings of the bible as man’s law, know this, they’re using faulty intelligence. Republicans no more practice the teachings from the bible, that they demand everybody else live by. Hello, just the opposite, Republicans ae too busy practicing the seven deadly sins. The best part, Republicans rigged this entire bible scam in their favor. How? While they forgive their own transgressions easily and without hesitation, they’ll throw shade at the rest of us. Example, they’ll quickly forgive a child molester, but demand criminal charges for the police chief who legally released the same child molester’s sex abuse report. Here’s my question, since Republicans are so quick to forgive, can’t they forgive this police chief? I think we can file this under, “Faulty Intelligence.”

What’s also just as disturbing, a child molester’s family pointing their fingers at others accusing them of wanting to harm children. Protecting a predator then accusing others of being a predator is faulty intelligence at best, hypocrisy at worst. It can be said that low intelligence is linked to social conservatism. Doesn’t make them bad people, just gives us a heads up on what we’re dealing with. Bottom line, don’t fear Republicans, because they’re relics, old, stale, and outdated.

Liberals/Progressive have 99 problems, but Republicanism ain’t one!

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