First Do No Harm

Unfortunately, Republicans/Conservatives have the opposite attitude when it comes to poor Americans. Poor Americans are used as scapegoats for the sins Republicans/Conservatives don’t with to admit to themselves. But, again, our corporate media apparatus holds this behavior by them in high esteem. One way to ensure this attitude is mainstream is allowing Republicans/Conservatives a big microphone, so she/he can vilifying poor Americans. By now we all know this behavior, blaming others begin in the Book of Genesis. You know, Adam blamed Eve for tempted him to eat from the forbidden tree and subsequently both were banished from Eden. The beginning of the excuse known as, “Faulty Intelligence.”  So, don’t look for Republicans to behave any differently any time soon, this is indeed their modus operandi. So, was it a surprise reading how Arizona Republicans bashed their constituents on Welfare, passing legislation designed to do harm. No, just like when Republicans kowtow to Religious Extremists and pass legislation designed to do harm to women. Or, when Republicans kowtow to the NRA and pass legislation designed to do harm others by the use of deadly force in those, “Stand Your Ground,” laws. Then as soon as a Republican/Conservative is caught practicing the seven deadly sins, they’re quickly forgiving. Is it just me, or is this hypocrisy on steroids.

However, honoring every American living on a Government Income and their worthiness to receive a livable wage, is the America I live in. No one is more or less worthy than me. Knowing that and feeling that, is gratitude. A attitude of gratitude, hey that rhymes, is first do no harm on steroids.

You and I are worthy of Income Equality despite the naysayer’s toxic rhetoric.

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