Another Bite Of The Apple

Listen, is it me, or does Jeb Bush look comfortable sitting on Dick Cheney’s lap as much as his brother did? Seriously, it appears to me that Cheney wants another bite of the apple. Speaking of apples, maybe, just maybe the truth is that Adam ate from the forbidden tree and blamed Eve. Maybe, just maybe Adam is unremorseful and would do it all over again, knowing the consequence of being banished from Eden. Maybe, just maybe, this 6000 year old grudge is as phony as seeing Jeb Bush’s mouth move, but hearing the voice of Dick Cheney coming out of it, blaming everybody else for his sins. Maybe the version of Adam and Eve we’ve come to know from the bible is faulty intelligence. ;-D

What made Chris Christie finally tell the American public that he’s one of the inmates running the asylum. C’mon, I’ll give him credit for his boldness, you know, claiming that his low approval ratings were due to the people of NJ not wanting him to leave. If ever there were a finer example of one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, Chris Christie’s recent behavior took the top spot on that list. I’m certainly glad that FOX decided to use polling instead of IQ testing to determining which 2016 GOP Presidential candidates will attend their debate. If they used IQ testing, none of the GOP candidates would rank in the bottom 10% of the IQ scale. In other words, nobody would be on stage to debate. Oops, did I say that! ;-D

Ima be happy because girls run this world. Say hello to Income Equality.

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