You And I Are Good People And We Deserve Abundance

Knowing that and feeling that is phenomenal.  It means you’re aligned with other Phenoms, especially in our Government. So, yea, feeling optimistic about our future comes with the territory. Relax, take a deep breath, Income Equality has its benefits, so enjoy the journey. More money, more opportunities for more Americans to keep feeling phenomenal.

Listen, I believe Republicans when they say, “There was faulty intelligence that led to the war in Iraq.” They’re telling the truth, oh and by the way, faulty means, “Little or no intelligence.” Bush, Cheney, and their entire cabal of Chicken Hawks had little or no intelligence and despite their old, stale, and outdated, blame tactic, they’re totally responsibly for the historical foreign failure known as “Creating ISIS.” So, it’s no surprise to me, that today’s Republicans are defending Bush/Cheney’s creation of ISIS, while blaming others for it. We should be throwing the 2016 GOP Klown Kar of presidential candidates a parade for publicly displaying they too have little or no intelligence, or “faulty intelligence.”

Americans do have a choice, we can continue to elect Phenoms, or elect Republicans with little or no intelligence. We can continue honoring every American and our worthiness, or we can continue vilifying Americans and show a callous disregard for their rights and feelings. We can continue to be kind and heal the wounds of Trickle Down Economics, or we can continue leaving a trail of wreckage on our path of post Citizens United.

Word to the wise, Girls run the world. Just saying! ;-D

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