One Phenom Can Desecrate The Fear Perpetrated By An Entire Political Party

While another Phenom can desecrate the fear perpetrated by our corporate media apparatus, and a third Phenom can desecrate the fear perpetrated by Religious Extremists. In other words, “Never fear, Phenoms are here.” Don’t believe me, just read my special reporting on, “A funny thing happened on the way to Citizens United.” Yet to be published, but coming to my blog soon. Phenoms in our Government are in plain sight, so there’s no guessing, OK, no guessing. You know them by the company they keep. All I can say is, “You better think twice, before you go after a Phenom, because Phenoms are infallible.” But hey, I get it, some people do have to learn the hard way, oh well, Bloggers gotta get paid.

I’d be amiss, if I didn’t tell you how hysterically funny it has become, listening to, or reading how FOX is publicly complaining about their Klown Kar of 2016 GOP Presidential candidates. Listen, FOX is obviously missing the point. Welcome to post Citizens United, where money is the only factor in Republican politics. Morals, intelligence, human decency, do not apply, right Roger Alies, because it’s all about winning and money is equated to winning. FOX should be throwing a parade for Jeb Bush, instead of vilifying him. What’s up with that? No, you’re kidding me, FOX is suddenly embarrassed by the callous behavior of Republicans, the same callous behavior they held in high esteem? What funny thing happened on the way to Citizens United? Damn, their chickens came home to roost at FOX. You took the words, (Isn’t that special) right out of my mouth. ;-D

Phenoms acknowledged long time ago that you and I are worthy of Income Equality, you know, a livable wage, or an increase in Government income, just saying!

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