My Business Logo Would Be Designed With The Letters CPLM

It means, “Contentious People Like Me.” Speaking of contentious people like me, we feel worthy of abundance knowing we’re willingly and unwillingly contentious people depending on our perspective.  Our stories are lucrative, enjoyable  well written, and in demand, so there, opportunities await you.

I’d like to see a federal investigation on how many Americans were harmed directly or indirectly by Republican’s budget cuts. Then when Republicans pulled the Benghazi card, we’ll pull an even bigger card, “Cuts.”

I must admit one of my favorite aha moment this week was how two young female co-workers impressed me with their talents and skills towards their job. The jury is still deliberating, because from my perspective, most impressive co-workers are older like myself, not younger. So, it was a nice having this opportunity to witness these young female co-worker’s unique and talented persona.

If ever there were a reason to increased the minimum wage to fifteen ($15.00) dollars, we have that reason. These young ladies, as well as every worker in American are worthy of Income Equality.

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