Make Your Own Rules

Contentious people make their own rules, but bemoan anyone else doing the same thing. Case in point, some of my co-workers make up rules that favor them, creating an work environment full of revenge. Think about this, statistics are the Holy Grail, so employees were/are encouraged to behave, “Aggressively.” If that meant, making up your own rules, then so be it. Just to give you a clear picture, these aggressive co-workers would bully other employees to abide by their made up rule called, “That’s my customer.” Seriously, aggressive co-workers expected their co-workers to do all the work at the register, but give all the statistic of that sale to them. Every register had a viable way of accomplishing this task, it’s called, “Ringer Mode,” A unique way to increase the statistics of another employee of your choice. Say for example a supervisor rings up a customer, he/she can initiate, “Ringer Mode” where the supervisor is the ringer, but the statistics of that sale are recorded to another employee. But like most ideas, contentious people find a way to use it, has a tool to scam or swindle others. Trust me, this callous behavior called, “That’s my customer,” was/is held in high esteem by the supervisors. Or course this created the, “You stole my customer,” accusation game. Can you imagine being accused of a work place crime by those perpetrating the very same work place crimes onto you. Could you blame a sister for seeking revenge? C’mon, not for herself, but for all those past, present, and future employees of callous, disrespectful, and greedy wage thieves. Wage Thieves make up their own rules about employee’s wages, then bemoan any rules employees have about their wages. I rule that all Retail employees make no less than fifteen dollars per hour.

Congrats to the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for remaining centered, while the storm of negativity, aka corporate media apparatus, is swirling around her.

Congrats to all the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates for gnawing on the bones of Jeb Bush’s political aspirations. C’mon, Jeb Bush got chewed up and spitted out by FOX, over the Iraq war. Talk about chickens coming home to roost. It’s been one debacle after the other from Jeb Bush and his posse of Advisers. It begs to wonder, “Is Jeb Bush the dumb one.

I like my chances of winning a jackpot every day I go to work.

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