I Am Small Government

I want to force you to live the life I’ve chosen for you to live. In order to achieve this lofty goal, I must first call myself, fiscally conservative and hold in high esteem the scam that our Government should be so small, it would fit inside a bath tub. Then, after you turn your back, I’ll explode the deficit to astronomical levels and for fun, I’ll pass laws that show a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of others. But in order to get elected, I’ll need a cruise ship load of money to manipulate the majority of Americans. Welcome to post Citizens United world. Our Government is controlled by 1% of Americans, I’ll say that’s small Government. So, now that the, “I am small Government,” majority rules, I can see exactly why they fear Equality. Equality honors every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. Democracy is already here, oops, someone forgot to tell the 1%.

What exciting opportunities lay awake for 1000 mentors to help boys and young men of color prepare for college or career. My Brother’s Keeper Initiative has no boundaries, so it was no surprised to hear Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s, recommendation to recruit 1000 mentors for boys and young men of color, as part of the city’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. As it that wasn’t enough, Prince shared his song titled, “Baltimore,” on the internet. To say that, “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative,” you know, another gathering of unlimited Phenoms willingly engaging in the lives of other Phenoms, is divine, would be an understatement . Citizens United should be credited for allowing unlimited sources to become mainstream. I for one, am thankful to Citizens United, because unlimited Phenoms honoring our boys and young men of color, often and without hesitation, is priceless. Houston, we have a phenomenon sighting! 🙂

Another phenomenon sighting, Income Equality on all her many faces. You and I are worthy of Income Equality, you feeling me?

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