Perfect Schedule

It’s one thing to take advantage of a supervisor’s revenge against me, actually, that was fun, but being singled out in a large crowd of co-workers and be rewarded with the perfect schedule, priceless. How could this be, me, just another employee, receiving the best schedule in Retail? Seriously, my schedule is so envied by my co-workers until they discover I’m actually helping them reach their statistics. May I remind you, statistics are the Holy Grail. I’m not kidding you and by now everybody knows about the middle finger I’d received, during my first year’s evaluation, because I hadn’t met my yearly statistics. Instinctively, I knew this odious behavior and/or justification for cutting corners when it came to employee’s salaries, was practiced often and without hesitation. However, today I say this with a smile on my face, not only did I receive the perfect work schedule, I’d received other opportunities as well.  🙂

Parents/Caregivers/Teachers, are you sitting on a pot of gold? Boys and young men of color are so awesome, so uniquely talented, and yes, they feel worthy of respect. Listen what do you call it, when the President of the United States publicly launches, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, honoring the worthiness of boys and young men of color? In the words of VP Joe Biden, “A big f****** deal.”  “I concur.” 

Listen, I currently work in Retail and believe me, my tenacity for arriving to work on time, remaining at work the entire shift, often my shifts were extended, and working my azz off, manifested into my dream schedule. Imagine my aha moment when instead of a monetary raise, I’d receive a middle finger from the supervisor during my first yearly evaluation.  Hold up, I ain’t mad at her, why look a gift horse in the month? I think it’s safe to say that my current work schedule at my current job in the Retail business is as lucrative as diamonds. I did, indeed, hit the jackpot!

You too are worthy of your own unique jackpots.

Reading is fun, just saying! ;-D

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