A Rush To Judgement

I’ll admit, I was very judgmental towards my new supervisors when I’d began working at a nationally known Retail, upscale, (my opinion only), and successful store. I’d thought my new supervisors were insane and boy was I wrong. Wrong about they other attributes, like bullying, sanctioning aggressive behavior, lying, and my favorite, pretending they were happy. They would smile in my face, while seeking revenge against me for their own personal gratification. Everything was personal with them, but more importantly, every co-worker had been schooled in revenge tactics. In other words, our work environment had been rigged to keeping us feeling angry at each other. It was the opportunity disguised as chaos. Don’t believe me, stay tune.

While I’m intrigued by My Brother’s Keeper Alliance’s kindness and respect towards boys and young men of color, one of the statistic that stayed with me, the reading challenges for boys and young men of color are more detrimental to their future then I’d ever realized. That’s just one of the many challenges they face on a daily basis, which says a lot about their tenacity to survive. I think it would be an honor to meet every boy and young men of color, that’s how awesome they are.

However, I must say this about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, (TPP), I am my own expert and I allow others the same privilege.  Phenoms don’t always agree, it’s OK, we are still good people. Trust me, you and I are worthy of Income Equality, no matter which path we take.

Oh, and by the way, reading is fun!

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