Petty Thieves

Listen, if you have to switch tags in order to afford something, then you are a Broke Azz Customer. I ain’t mad at cha, because your antics are legendary. For the moment, your secret is safe, but after my book is published, the cat will be out of the bag, the Genie out of the bottle, what’s done in the dark, will come to light, you feeling me? I already know you’ll blame everybody else except yourself, it’s called a persecution complex. Come again, if you take items into a fitting room to remove sensors and tags in order to take them without paying, you’re a Broke Azz Customer. If you’re prone to arguing, throwing a tantrum, and making a fool out of yourself in public because you want a discount, you’re a Broke Azz Customer. Seriously, I’d met a young man recently, trying to return two Polo® men’s shirts, no receipt, no return label, and of course, he said he paid cash. Now, tell me he’s not a Broke Azz Customer. Oh, and by the way, he failed with me, but I’m pretty sure he was undeterred. Also, If you deliberately, “purchase” items, with the sole purpose of using them temporarily, then returning them back to the store, for a full refund, then you’re a Broke Azz Customer.  I get it, been there, done that.

There’s a connection between Broke Azz Customers and Broke Azz Republicans. One of the many things they have in common, vilifying others. A Broke Azz Customer would probably bemoan a person receiving Government income, just like a Broke Azz Republican. Same goes for Broke Azz Supervisors kowtowing to their bosses, just like Broke Ass Republicans kowtowing to Religious Extremists. If someone asks, “Why do people vote for Republicans,” now you know a little bit more about Republican voters. They are experts at the blame game, don’t believe me, just listen!

If you’re receiving Government income, then you deserve a hefty increase in your monthly payments. If you’re an underpaid worker, then you deserve a livable wage. Equality is in the White House.

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