Broke Azz Customers and their antics are a sight to see. Their impersonations are uniquely crafted from whole cloths of deception. To say they are teachers, teaching their children to follow in their footsteps would be an understatement. So, now you know that another generation of Broke Azz Customers already exist. Knowing that it’s time for Sales Associates to be earning a livable wage, after all, our future is bright. By that I mean, we have everything we need to succeed after being a Sales Associate in the retail industry.  Believe me, you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

Exclusively at this retail store are inexperienced Fragrances and Cosmetics Sales Associates and they cause more harm than good when placed in this [Fragrances & Cosmetics] department.  I was one of them, so I can honestly say, “It was humiliating for me to fake like I knew what I was doing in front of customers.” Worst than that, on a day I’ll never forget, a group of angry customers turned into a mob of angry customers. After that unpleasant experience, I was not shy in stating my case with a Broke Azz Supervisor, why I should not be placed again in the Fragrances and Cosmetics department.  I told this Broke Azz Supervisor, “It’s not fair to me, but more importantly, it’s not fair to the customers.” I’d thought I was done with it, because this Broke Azz Supervisor agreed. No, the very next day, I was scheduled to work in you know where! Here’s the real deal, Fragrances and Cosmetics Sales Associates should receive more income plus commissions, but I didn’t. Because of the profits from the products sold, and the exclusive contracts with certain vendors, this retail store is not holding up their end of the bargain. This store is contractually committed to hiring, training, and increase the hourly wages of their Sales Associates in the Fragrances and Cosmetic department. Specialized training and then some, but no, these Broke Azz Supervisors at this store think differently. Why put experienced, well trained employees when we can cut corners by placing inexperienced employees to work in this department. So, the next time, you as a customer complains about the lack of good service in this retail store, you need to know that this practice of placing untrained employees on the sales floor, is an epidemic at this store and I suspect at every store.

Stay tune for tomorrow’s episode, “Switched tags and other scams perpetrated by Broke Azz Customers.”

It bears repeating, retail employees deserve a livable wage, as well as every underpaid American worker.