Broke Azz Supervisors

If you thought Broke Azz Customers were a hoot, don’t get me started on Broke Azz Supervisors. You know them very well, especially if you work in retail. The creme da la creme, Broke Azz Supervisors don’t give a rat’s azz about customer service. They talk out of both sides of their mouth and believe it or not, they love bullying employees. While lenient towards Broke Azz Customers, Broke Azz Supervisors have no qualms harassing their own employees on a daily basis.  That was the case when I’d began working for this nationally known department store and it’s time to tell their stories.

You can tell a lot about people by the way they handle filth, or in this case, the wreckage left behind by Broke Azz Customers, especially in the non-monitored fitting rooms inside one of the nationally known department store. First things first, it’s one the underpaid Sales Associate’s numerous responsibilities, “cleaning” out the non-monitored fitting rooms every hour. Now, try to imagine how shameless Broke Azz Customers are, you still have no idea. Once in a while you’ll get a Broke Azz Customer that literally uses the fitting room stalls as an outdoor toilet, that’s nasty, especially if you are the underpaid Sales Associate who discovers the human waste. Other Broke Azz Customers, take numerous items into a fitting room, and leave every item in a big pile of disarray. It’s no surprise to find several torn off tags from clothing or other items, lying on the floor, you knew were taken illegally. At the beginning of my employment, I’d walked into one of the men’s fitting room and thought I’d walked into a murder scene. Broke Azz Customers removed so many sensors where the ink had exploded everywhere, trust me, it looked terrifying. Today, those fitting rooms still have ink stains all over the walls and carpet.  Other activities include, but not limited to, a game called, “Switching tags.” In selected fitting rooms, Broke Azz Customer switch tags, you know, take the tag off a sale item, and put it on a regularly price item. I swear I could see the outline of their bandit mask when they smugly come to the register to check out. Without hesitation, when their scheme is exposed by yours truly, a Broke Azz Customers will say to me, “Well, then, I don’t want to buy it.”  Ever seen a five (5) dollar bill that was passed as a twenty (20) dollar bill, another Broke Azz Customer’s production. Broke Azz Customer are welcomed with opened arms to, “shop” at this store and I don’t blame them, because they feel right at home with the Broke Azz Supervisors.

The Legends of Broke Azz Supervisors…stay tune for tomorrow’s episode titled, “You’ll not be getting a raise at this time, because you didn’t met your statistics.”

Every American working in the retail industry deserves a wage no less than fifteen ($15.00) dollars per hour. Are you feeling me?

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