Government Income Had Tripled For All Americans

Receiving welfare, social security, disability, or any other income. Why? Because everyone deserves a livable income. I rest my case. I’m here today to highlight the never ending successes of as many Phenoms as I can. Speaking of Phenoms, did you see last night’s  2015 White House Correspondents Association dinner? I rest my case.

Were you aware of the Broke Azz Customer’s hierarchy? Yes, there are levels that can best be described as, who’s zooming who? I bet you didn’t know about the Fine Jewelry Broke Azz Customers. First off, let me just say this with kindness, this individual is a great pretender. He/she will “purchase” jewelry costing thousands of dollars while acknowledging the store policy of no refunds if tags are removed from jewelry, then as bold as any Grifter, remove the tags, wear the jewelry, then return the jewelry for a full refund. Here’s the real deal, in order to impress other superficial people at some event, say like a wedding, Mr. & Mrs. Wanna Be Baller, will purchase expensive jewelry to wear, pretend to be Ballers at the wedding, then like the Broke Azz Customers that they really are, will slither back into the store for a full refund. So, be warned, that expensive jewelry you’re thinking about buying from a national known department store, may be best described as used and damaged. Second hand jewelry sold at a retail price. Like I’d said, who’s zooming who? The Legends of Broke Azz Customers, stay tune.

Don’t get it twisted, I ain’t mad at Broke Azz Customers, no, just the opposite, I’m enthusiastic about writing their stories, you gotta admit, they are the epitome of, “My own worst enemy.” These are the same people having an extramarital affair with the bible, while simultaneously showing a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of others. Sound familiar? One more thing, Broke Azz Customers run this retail corporation. So, I’m not surprised that other Broke Azz Customers are attracted to, “shopping” at their stores. Oh, and by the way, blaming others for your broke azz is old, stale, and outdated, just saying!

This is why all Americans deserve a livable wage, I rest my case.

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