Broke Azz Customer Part II

I kid you not, broke azz customers, “buy” prom dresses for their daughters, from a nationally known department store, with the intentions of returning those prom dresses, of course after the prom, back to the department store for a full refund. It wouldn’t surprise me, if those same broke azz customers believed welfare recipients are unworthy of any government assistant. Why, because they [Broke Ass Customers] have to blame somebody for their unhappiness. I’ve been face to face with several broke azz customers, and I can tell you this, that watching them and listening to them justifying their entitlement behavior, priceless. As an added bonus, broke azz customers are teaching a new generation of young women this entitlement scam, while vilifying welfare recipients. So, the pieces to this puzzle are revealing why Republicans vilifying, attack, and dismiss Elderly, Poor, and Disable Americans, for political points. Scoring political points is a virtue and it should be.  Speaking of scoring political points, did you see the Phenom on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s team? All I can tell you is this, “We can look forward to our future of Democracy.

Oh, and by the way, you and I are worthy of Income Equality, but more importantly, my primary responsibility is honoring the next generation with what they deserve, a better, cleaner, and more environmentally sound planet.

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