The Sanctity Of Marriage

Ever notice that the sanctity of marriage is a virtue with Republicans, until it isn’t, depending on their particular scam. All I can say is, “Well, Almighty!” Don’t get it twisted, I personally think Republicans have a really good scam going for them when it come to the sanctity of marriage. Not only do they get to have their cake, but eat it too. Case in point, in order to score points with Religious fanatics, Jeb Bush led the charge to desecrate the marriage of Michael and Terry Schiavo. He and the rest of his co-conspirators vilified Michael Schiavo for their own personal gratification. In warp speed Republicans give their middle finger to the sanctity of marriage to appease Religious fanatics. Here’s the best part, our corporate media apparatus threw Jeb Bush a hero’s parade, made him the deity of the year, and gave him street cred. Today, Jeb Bush has a reason for being so smug, he can always pull that rabbit out of the hat. Just saying!

Is it me, or do you also enjoy the billionaire boys club battling it out to see if their 2016 GOP Presidential candidate is the last one standing. C’mon, buying the White House, is the ultimate game for the billionaire boys club. Oh, you didn’t know that, well mark your calendar, because the game is afoot. As I’m writing, forgotten Republican operatives careers are being resurrected. Stepford Wives are dusted off and being programmed to do one thing, vilify Hillary Rodham Clinton. Conservative PACs are receiving billions of dollars to verbally and visually annihilate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Listen, I ain’t mad at ya, but even some Democrats are seeing an opportunity to make millions of dollars vilifying Hillary Rodham Clinton. Holy smokes, Citizens United redistributes money billionaire style, and the possibilities are endless for anyone wanting a piece of that Citizens United pie. I’m beginning to grow fond of Citizens United, because money can’t buy you love.

Speaking of love, I’m loving how Hillary Rodham Clinton is basking in Grace Under Fire. As the storm of vilification swirls around her, she remains centered. Gotta love it, or not!

I think it’s safe to say that you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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