The Meek Inherit The Earth

Elderly, poor, and Disabled Americans are a force to be reckoned with. Seriously, most people dismiss our Elderly, Poor, and Disabled Americans instinctively and for good reason. We need to blame somebody for our mistakes. C’mon, Citizens United was and still is a colossal failure to the degree that Bible Thumpers, living in denial, believed they are blameless. It’s no surprise to me, that Bible Thumpers have no qualms blaming Elderly, Poor, and Disabled Americans in lieu of taking responsibility for their own failures. Something about being ego-driven and believing greed is good. On the other hand, Elderly, Poor, and Disabled Americans are worthy of abundance, because after all, the meek inherit the earth. Phenoms recognized Equality in everyone, and no amount of money can dim that light.

Speaking of Phenoms, Hillary Rodham Clinton is oozing with Grace Under Fire, while the entire 2016 GOP Presidential candidates are flopping around like fish out of water. C’mon, “Hillary has so much baggage, she needs two planes.” Rand Paul reminds me of Romper Room. Seriously, after his campaign for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination ends, he will still have a career as a kid friendly television show. So, don’t feel sorry for him, he’ll land on his feet. Holy smokes, after leaving a trail of wreckage in Wisconsin, the Koch Bros are intent on taking their failed policies to the White House. I kid you not, they’ve anointed Scott Walker as their President in name only. So, let me get this straight, after stinking up Wisconsin, the Koch Bros. want to stank up America like Bush and Cheney on steroids. Thanks, but no thanks.

You know who’s getting the red carpet treatment from our corporate media apparatus during this political superbowl? That’s right, all the contentious, callous, and deceitful people, otherwise known as Bible Thumpers. I ain’t mad at our corporate media apparatus, no, just the opposite, because it means less competition for me to appreciate our Phenoms.

Phenoms have Equality, Bible Thumpers have Citizens United, you do have a choice. Oh, and by the way, you and I are worthy of Income Equality. Just saying! ;-D

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