Citizens United Could Be Worth More Than You Think

Are Phenoms sitting on a pot of Citizens United gold? In a nation of ego-driven addicts, i.e., Bible Thumpers, Citizens United was a fool’s errand. So, it’s no surprise that Bible Thumper’s one solution to every problem is attack. In Government that means one thing, constant wars, home and abroad. Bible Thumpers are infatuated with wars, OK, let me name a few, a war on workers, a war on women, a war on LGBT, a war on voters, and their icing on the cake, war with Iran. Initiating wars is heroic and is akin to manhood. Also, the need to dismiss those on the front lines fighting their wars of choice, like used toilet tissue after he/she are exhausted from fighting. Who would have thunk it, our corporate media apparatus holds Chicken Hawks in high esteem and I suspect that the smirk on some of the political pundit’s faces, you know, the take that you Liberal appeasers, we owe this Government smirk, is priceless. Don’t you just love having a front row seat watching this ploy in real time? C’mon, Bible Thumpers will never admit to failure, and you know that because Citizens United is toxic. Nobody is spared when it comes to Citizens United’s infectious poison. Case in point, Tom Cotton recently slashed the political careers of forty six Republicans in one swoop of a letter. Mitch McConnell is holding up a middle finger to Loretta Lynch in order to resurrect his manhood from signing that letter. Kansas state Republicans relished in vilifying Kansas Welfare Recipients, embarrassed by the sinister attacks Tom Cotton perpetrated on those forty six Republicans. The 2016 GOP Presidential candidates, all kowtowed to Tom Cotton’s insidious ploy regrettably. As if that was’t enough theatrics, our corporate media apparatus quickly swept Tom Cotton’s betrayal under the rug, and mums the word. Tom Cotton’s revenge on Bible Thumpers was brought to us by a Billionaire or two, thanks to Citizens United, and all I can say is, “Bible Thumpers, you better watch your back around Tom Cotton.

You and I are worthy of Income Equality, don’t believe me, just watch! 😀

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