Revenge Of The Bible Thumpers

You know them as Conservatives having an extramarital affair with the bible, insidiously keeping other Bible Thumpers feeling forever insecure, while simultaneously holding out the carrot stick of security. These Bible Thumpers relish in regulating a woman’s body, but more sinister than that, they relish in deregulating Wall Street. But, if you think men masquerading as Bible Thumpers are contentious, women masquerading as Bible Thumpers are devoid of emotions and thoughts. Their mission today is to consistently attack Hillary Rodham Clinton. Luckily for us, our corporate media apparatus will hold each of these Bible Thumpers in high esteem by resurrecting her, “political pundit career.”  Bible Thumpers will be coming out of the woodshed after they’ve realized they’re sitting on a pot of gold attacking Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Nobody does Wile E. Coyote politics better than Bible Thumpers and yes, they have the worst luck. Fasten your seatbelt and wear some PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), because this election is going to be a race to the mud hole and our corporate media apparatus will praise those Americans slinging the most mud. Thanks to Citizens United, Conservatives have 99 problems, but unlimited money in politics ain’t one. Thanks to Income Equality, Americans have 99 problems, but earning a livable wage ain’t one.

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