Every Wonder Why The Greedy Memoan

other perceived greedy people. I’m talking about Republicans vilifying Americans receiving Government income to live on, while they [Republicans] are kowtowing to the wealthiest among us. Seriously, Republicans rob from the poor to give to the rich, then callously scorn the poor for being poor. More importantly, or should I say, more entertaining, how the corporate media bestows high esteem to Republicans for throwing poor people under the bus. I get it, vilifying poor people is good for ratings in our political arena and nobody does hail to the king better than corporate media when it comes to praising Republicans for deceitful, callous, and unsustainable behavior. In Republican politics the inmates are running the asylum.

Unlike Republicans, Progressives have an abundance consciousness, we honor our worthiness and the worthiness of every American to receive abundance. Simple, easy, and more importantly, sustainable behavior. More and more Americans are feeling equality, because after all, equality is infallible. Ask our 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, she knows a lot about Infinite Abundance. ;-D  I’m speaking for myself when I say that Americans receiving Government income are worthy of increased payments, I’m talking ten fold. Working Americans are worthy of earning a livable wage, whatever that means to you, for me it means a fifteen dollar minimum federal wage law.

Oh, and by the way, Republicans can take their scarcity consciousness and ram it up their pipelines.