It Is Not What Happens To You

But, how you handle it, that determines your emotional well being. I think it’s safe to say that a majority of Americans feel worthy of our 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Which begs the question, “Are we sitting on another pot of political gold?” C’mon, Democracy is waiting for you, don’t be shy, because you and I recognized those aligned with a consciousness of abundance. The 2016 Democratic President candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton is aligned with this virtue, which by the way coincides with Income Equality. So, yea, I’m excited.

I invite you to witness the presentations of Republican’s attacks on the 2016 Democratic President candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Those ego-driven responses from the same old, stale, and outdated Republican playbook, will be held in high esteem by our Liberal media, in order to increase their ratings. I ain’t mad at cha, no, just the opposite, predictability can be profitable and humorous.

Relax, she got this, she as in Income Equality, because you and I are worthy.

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