Black Conservatives

You gotta love them if for one reason, they’re very entertaining. Seriously, while having an affair with the bible, black conservatives scam and or swindle bible thumpers, it’s hilarious. We all know black conservatives have a birth right to vilify other blacks, it gives them street cred. There are millions of examples of black conservatives living off the proceeds of harshly criticizing blacks. The key to their society is fear the other blacks. They have two hierarchies of blacks people in America, black conservatives are above reproach, while other blacks are reprehensible. Let face it, being a black conservative is synonyms to snake oil salesmen, but hey, I ain’t mad at cha, keep doing what you’re doing, those bible thumpers will never catch on.

While the snake oil salesmen are working their scheming magic on bible thumpers, the rest of us can take comfort that Income Equality is already here. Don’t worry, be happy! ;-D

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