Sweet Dreams Are Made of Thee

As predictable as the sun, most of the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates got an opportunity to sharpen their attacks on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, at the 2015 NRA convention. Most predictable was Wayne LaPierre, whom by the way, has more blood on his hands, than all blood banks combined, thanks to the NRA’s legislation. The human carnage that man uses as a pulpit to preach the sins of someone else, insanity at worse, entertaining at best. C’mon, what does a sister got to do around here, to get a little respect? ;-D Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, I say this with kindness, is a brick house. That lady’s stack, that’s a fact, and she ain’t holding nothing back. The good news, Americans are worthy of Income Equality and worthy of exceptional Government. I rest my case!

Of course liars are held in high esteem in many societies right here in America. After all, contentious people are teachers, so, why not enjoy them teaching us how to remain peaceful. They have a purpose too, it’s all good! Will remaining peaceful be easy? Nothing worth having is easy, so, NO, there will be moments where you’ll stop your own peace from flowing effortlessly, or not. I’m just speaking for myself, so in those moments I’ll start feeling gratitude by being grateful. Grateful for this moment and the rest is history.

Relax, she got this, she as in Income Equality, because you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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