Relax, She Got This

She, as in Income Equality, c’mon, who did you think I was talking about? Honestly, Income Equality is already here and yes, believe it or not, but we’re all on an even playing field, so get use to earning a livable wage. Will it be easy, no, because nothing worth having comes easy. Say what you want about Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she’s aligned with Infinite Patience and she’s definitely guided by Infinite Wisdom. I can only speak for myself when I say, “Because of the last six years of brilliant leadership in the White House, I want more.”  

Hold up, the onslaught of deliberate insidious lying by Republicans, will permeate once again in our Presidential election, and thanks to, or in my case, hallelujah for Citizens United.  Identifying the most contentious candidates has never been easier. Already, we’ve been privileged to revisionism by Republican candidates either too ashamed or too embarrassed or both of their past. In order for Republicans to appease their base, i.e. racist, homophobic, and paranoid voters they have to go where all of them go, to the abyss of insanity. Yea buddy, then whomever “wins” the nomination, has to travel warp speed/zero to one hundredth from the abyss of insanity to snake oil salesmen. That transformation is so predictable even Romney did it. Oh, and by the way, our Progressive media still holds that illusion in high esteem. Gotta love our Progressive media.

Americans do have a choice, elect another exemplary President like we did in 2008, or condone another sanctimonious heist of our Presidency like we did in 2000.

My monies on Income Equality because you and I are worthy of earning livable wages.

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