This Is Income Equality

I’m actively in charge of my life and I direct it into constructive channels, my primary responsibility is for my own growth and well being, because the better I feel about myself, the more able and willing I am to help others. -Anonymous

Progressives are the driving force for equality and in the words of MJ, “Don’t Stop Until You Get Enough.” You and I are worthy of Income Equality. If you receive Social Security, you’re worthy of Income Equality. If you receive Disability, you’re worthy of Income Equality. If you work in Retail, you’re worthy of Income Equality. I honor my worthiness to receive Income Equality and I honor your worthiness to receive Income Equality. Oh, and by the way, Income Equality is already here.

Say what you want about Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she is the only candidate aligned with the driving force of equality. The progression of politics in our 21st Century expeditiously ascended over the last six years, why, because we, Americans feel worthy of equality. Will the next sixteen months be a cake walk? No, but the efficacy of the outcome will be fun.

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