Sen. Chuck Schumer Is Definitely A Strategic Genius

How quickly we forget how awesome Progressives are. We are exceptionally talented and worthy of our successes. So, it’s not a surprise to me that Sen. Chuck Schumer is exercising his awesomeness. Kudos, to Sen. Chuck Schumer and may he succeed again. I’m loving the predictability of the Progressive media apparatus as well as the predictability of Republican’s reactions to this Iran Deal. Except this time, Sen. Chuck Schumer is the MVP.

Listen, if your first reactions to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s backstabbing behavior, courtesy of the Progressive media apparatus, was feeling enraged, you were not alone. I, too felt enraged, for one second, then decided to let go of that anger and focus on more important thoughts and feelings, like Income Equality. Today, I would tell you that Sen. Chuck Schumer is definitely a strategic genius.

Progressives are creating new paths because we’re excited about our Democracy. Exceptional Progressive Leaders in Washington are in plain sight and are not overshadowed by the Extremists. All Americans are on an even playing field, because we’re all equal. I rest my case! ;-D

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