Progressives Are Creating A New Path

If you’re unable to see this phenomenon, don’t worry, I’ll be more than happy to tell you, as long as you stay connected. Let me start with Progressive Media, an unique apparatus that I’d held in contempt many times before I’d came to honor it completely. Honestly, creating an even playing field among Conservatives and Progressive, has its benefits. In the past, I’d reacted angrily when Progressive media minimized Republican’s hypocrisy while holding them [Republicans] in high esteem. However, a fork in the road this morning gave me an opportunity. Not completely convinced? Look at it this way, my intentions to evening out the playing field on Income Equality is an virtue, just like evening out the playing field for Progressives and Republicans.

Fifteen years ago, my fortune of earning a livable wage, coupled with great benefits was my reality. To say I’d loved my career, as a Program Support Assistant, would’ve been an understatement. It was a golden opportunity for me and for my family. Today, I’m working in retail and seriously, my work ethics are still exceptional, but I’m earning less money and receiving limited benefits, to say the playing field is uneven, would be an understatement.

Side note, while Bible Thumpers keep busy having an extramarital affair with the bible, and Republicans keep swindling Bible Thumpers by kowtowing to them, Progressives will continue to create a new path called Democracy. You and I are worthy of Income Equality, just saying! ;-D

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