This Is Personal

Long story short, I work for a major retail conglomerate and I can honestly tell you, that working in a hostile environment is why hundreds of employees and customers literally run out the door and never return.  It’s asinine, yet this major retail conglomerate hasn’t a clue. They keep doing the same thing expecting a different outcome. It’s called insanity, and if you think I’m kidding, know this, I was placed in the cosmetic and fragrances department yesterday, which was a huge disaster, not only for me, but for the customers. What happened next, mob rage because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Customers got enraged, I’d felt humiliated, and for a brief moment, I was tempted to quit. You would think, that because of the millions of dollars spent on advertising those expensive cosmetic and fragrances products that this company would practice what they preached.  The truth is that because of their low/stagnant wages, employees are tempted to quit on a daily basis. Turnover statistics at this one property are astronomical, to the degree they make a mockery out of their customer service. However, in the three years of my own employment with this company, their way of doing business has gotten worst.

I’ve been in business with another person for several years and recently found out she’s a swindler/con artist/snake oil saleswoman. What makes this so shocking is that she’s a Bible Thumper. Seriously, she admitting to perpetrating a scam while throwing her ex-partner under the bus. Seems her ex-partner was sued by a company, the company won their lawsuit against him and went after his assets. What he decided to do was scandalous. He dumped all his real estate properties into other people’s name and she [Bible Thumper] willingly participated. She literally spent twenty minutes berating her ex-partner while I was being convinced that she was just as scandalous.  I really need to end my business relationship with her, don’t you think?

Well, it’s safe to say, you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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