The Big Picture

The pieces are coming together and I for one, can see the big picture. What is the big picture, you asked? Well, it’s Democracy. You just had an aha moment, didn’t you, because government of the people, by the people, and for the people feels good. Hallelujah, now your sensations of becoming your greatest version are overwhelming. If you’re a Blogger, then you know the benefits of blogging. Seriously, we’re literary entrepreneurs, owners of our own business. We’re the Writers, Editors, and Creative Directors. We decide on what to write and go from there, which is very exciting, if I may say so. Exciting every time I click the “Publish” button because my¬†confidence grows. It’s one thing to enjoy your own creativity, but it’s another feeling when you share it with others. So. as the story goes, we lived happily ever after.

Democracy grows inward and flows outward, so does Income Equality. You and I are worthy of Income Equality and Income Equality is already here.

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