The Real Price Americans Pay For Tax Cuts and Deregulation

Earth to CEOs, your tax cuts and deregulation cost millions of Americans their rights. Everyday, Republicans kowtow to Extremists and legislate the most insidious law restricting the rights of millions of Americans. Up until now, CEOs condoned this behavior because of their tax cuts and deregulation. Yea buddy, as long as CEO’s relished in their lavish lifestyle, they didn’t give a rat’s ass about millions of their own employees. Not only are millions of hard working Americans receiving stagnant wages, but our work environments are often brutal and fearful. Then as if that wasn’t enough, Republicans kowtowed to Extremists most of whom are racist, homophobic and/or paranoid, who want to oppress the already oppressed. Millions of Americans not earning a livable wage are not punching bags for Extremists. Now that we know, Corporate money trumps Extremism, can a hard working American have the right to vote? C’mon, thanks to the John Robert’s court, voting suppression has become the newest fad in Republican politics. Corporations should #boycott any state that legislated or will legislate voter suppression laws. Your employees are counting on you to stop this extremism that Republicans are hell bent on legislating. Remember one thing, racist, homophobic, and paranoid Extremists have no place in politics, millions of Americans receive enough oppression from Corporations, Extremists just want to add on. Enough already, damn.

Look, we’re all in this thing called life, so know this, American workers are kind, considerate, and worthy of Income Equality. We applauded all those CEO’s kindness and consideration towards LGBT, and look forward to your kindness and consideration when it come to raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. Becoming your greatest version looks good on CEOs.

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