Religious Extremists Reaped What They Sow

And guess what, they don’t like it. Well, too bad, because they had no qualms when Republicans kowtowed to them, but as soon as Republicans kowtowed to corporate money, the Religious Extremists felt persecuted and blamed everybody else except Gordon Gekko. Republicans had a choice and now they’re throwing the Religious Extremists under the bus and kowtowing to corporate money. That’s what cowards do, everybody knows that,  and no one was surprised. It was a hallelujah moment when corporations realized Republicans had gone awry. WTF, kowtowing to Religious Extremists and legislating Homophobia, was the final straw.  C’mon, Republicans have been kowtowing to Extremists for some time, but today, corporations are saying, ENOUGH! Remember the time when Republicans callously disregarded the rights and feelings of millions of Americans, i.e. Voter Suppression and just shrug their shoulders, well those days are gone, because Republicans found out the hard way that corporate money trumps Extremism. We all know that Extremists are too afraid to attack corporations, so knowing that, I’m looking forward to more Republicans throwing Extremists under the bus. ;-D

This ain’t your grandfather’s corporations, no, the good old boys club shrouded in racism, homophobia and paranoia, are dead and gone. Don’t get it twisted, Extremists still exist in the boardrooms of the NRA, Pro-life Organizations, and Religious Cults but their ownership of Republicans and some Democratic politicians are no match for Wall Street. Wall Street is the king and Queen while Extremists are mere pawns, and nobody knows that better than Gov. Mike Pence. It’s simple, Republicans have one god and it’s corporate money.

As more and more Americans feel worthy of Income Equality, Democracy grows and with Democracy comes Income Equality.

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