Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko Vs. Religious Extremists

Holy smokes, was it just me, or did you see the turf war between Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko (Greed is good) and the Religious Extremists (We hate LGBT)? Wal-Mart the titan of oppressing American workers, apparently gave the Religious Extremists in Arkansas the middle finger.  In other words, oppressing Americans is a right and privilege of Wall Street, not the Religious Extremists. Although, Religious Extremists are hell bent on oppressing LGBT Americans, but unfortunately oppressing Americans is exclusively a Wall Street pleasure. Don’t fuck with Wall Street and if you do, like the Religious Extremists just foolishly did, an ass whooping will commence, just ask Gov. Mike Pence. C’mon, you have to admit that stagnated wages are a form of oppression, but hey, Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko want what he wants, more tax cuts and less regulations. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about livable wages, but what he does care about, is ownership of the Republican Party. For any Republican to kowtow to Extremists, then Houston, we have a problem, or in this case, a cease and desist order. Who will Republicans Governors eventually kowtow to, Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko or the Religious Extremists?

Here’s my question to Wall Street Gordon Gekko, knowing how most of the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates, jumped on the Religious Extremist’s bandwagon, your response was threatening Elizabeth Warren or better yet, threatening to withhold campaign money from Dems?  Seriously, at least Elizabeth Warren and the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate will gladly give the Religious Extremists the middle finger. Really, Wall Street, you trust Republicans? Republicans are nothing more than cowards, most of whom are male, who will kowtow to every Extremists on this planet.

Anyhoot, enough of this bullshit, Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko, do you want a Republican coward, or not? As you can see, Republicans are easily manipulated by Religious Extremists.

Oh, and by the way, Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko, Americans are worthy of Income Equality.

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