Relocate The 2015 Final Four

Ok, by now everybody knows that homophobia is alive and well in Indiana and businesses can either dance with the devil, or not. I ain’t mad at the NCAA, just thought I add my two cents to this debate, that’s all. There were businesses that had no qualms rejecting the devil without hesitation and for that I’m thankful. The glass is indeed half full.

It’s very simple, what Indiana Gov. Mike Pence did for us, was to remind us that if Equality were easy, the NCAA would had relocated the 2015 Final Four to a state where the Gov. doesn’t kowtow to Extremists. The NCAA had the perfect scapegoat, Gov. Mike Pence. Think of it this way, this too has come to pass, you know, the old boys network shrouded in homophobia.

Religion Freedom is synonymous with Homophobia. Do you need any more proof? Extremists are the architects of disregarding the rights and feelings of others while deceit and dishonesty permeate their thinking. And you, business owner, wants to do business with them, good luck with being on that slippery slope. Oh, and by the way, don’t complain, don’t explain.

Back to the real world, you and I are worthy of Income Equality, we are worthy of expanding Senior Advantage payments and lowering the retirement age to fifty, and single payer healthcare. Let’s do this! ;-D

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