Kowtowing To Wall Street Trumps Religious Freedom

Just ask Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, because he will be remembered as the poster child for being on the receiving end of a Cookie Lyon beat down with a broom. When the NCAA and the NFL whack Gov. Mike Pence in the ass with threats of barring Indiana from future sporting events, translation, starving wealthy Indianans, he realized sports trumps Religious Freedom. Sports is the Religion in Indiana not Homophobic Religion. Ok, I think it’s safe to say that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is busy moon walking all over the Religious Freedom fanatics. Yes, it was hilarious watching how  Indiana Gov. Mike Pence went from zero to one hundredth, real quick, on dissing the Religious Freedom fanatics in public, while standing on the side of the only religion in Indiana, $ports.

After that delightful comeuppance of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the question on some inquiry minds is, “Do other GOP Governors still want their turn at bat?”  By bat I mean, preying on Religious fanatics to the degree of unwillingly being callous towards sports. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence kowtowed to Wall Street again, in warp speed and I was fortunate enough to be sitting in a front row seat at this comedy. It’s still hilarious watching Conservatives kowtowing to Wall Street, while simultaneously flogging a dead horse.

Rumor as it, that Sen. Harry Reid is retiring and his hand picked successor is Sen. Chuck Schumer. Oddly enough, a collation of Elizabeth Warren fans, were hyping the possibility that Elizabeth Warren would/should be the next Senator Minority Leader. Then the bubble burst, Elizabeth Warren rejected that offer and the rest is history. Yes, I’ll admit, I too was taken in by the hype, but in my defense, I’d felt just as optimistic then, as I do now, about our future, because you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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