Rescuing Medicaid, Social Security, etc…From The Villainous GOP

Is straight outta the 20th Century. Republicans attack Government Entitlement Program for one reason. To offset the tax cuts they give to their wealthy benefactors. C’mon, why would anyone keep fighting that fight? Let Republicans dismantle every Government Entitlement Program they can. Seriously, we have Income Equality so we have no use for Government Entitlement Programs, so yea, Republicans can keep flogging a dead horse. Just saying! ;-D

Here’s the truth, Income Equality is already here, all Americans are worthy of Income Equality, and the glass is half full. Relax, this is a perfect moment to be thankful for this moment. Honestly, you and I feel worthy of Income Equality and Bloggers know that feeling all too well. It’s one of the many benefits of blogging. Just saying! ;-D

Word to the wise, I was excited before I’d wagered on a horse, whose odds were 200 to 1, and felt thrilled after she won her race. So, knowing that and feeling that, is why I’m so excited about Income Equality. Just saying! ;-D

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