Jeb Bush Big Pimpin

No one flaunts wealth better than the Bush family. After the heist of the 2000 Presidential election and subsequent collapse of our economy, Jeb Bush is anxious to get his turn at bat. I ain’t mad at Jeb Bush, no just the opposite, go for it.  Does it get any scandalous than Jeb Bush’s recent announcement that he’s his own man, don’t need daddy or brother, then from zero to one hundredth, there were daddy and brother on television reminded everyone of their nightmare Presidency. Does the term, “Uphill climb” sound appropriate when describing Jeb Bush Presidential candidacy? Is it not ironic that his daddy and brother do one thing and do it well, give millions of Americans nightmares. Now, do you think Americans deserve a Jeb Bush Presidency, because all the money in the world can’t create a big enough illusion to hide the previous Bush nightmare Presidency.

I can only speak for myself, but Income Equality has an “Uphill climb” too. Think about it this way, Income Equality will replace Government Entitlement Programs. We will no longer need “Welfare” “Social Security” “Disability” you name it. Why? Because Americans will be receiving Income Equality and when that happens, we will have been condition to believe in ourselves to the degree of elected more Elizabeth Warrens to higher office. More Elizabeth Warrens, more Income Equality. Why, Because you and I are worthy of Income Equality. Get the picture? ;-D

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