Back in 2000, after convincing myself that our Presidency had been hijacked by Republicans in Florida and elsewhere and eventually they anointed Bush the Presidency, my anger was all consuming. In my world and for eights years, Bush/Cheney did everything they could, in my opinion, to pouring gasoline on my already burning anger. Eight years is a long time to hold a grudge, but I did, however, I’d received a gift. This gift was self-awareness and it came in the form of a television interview. In 2008, I’d heard and viewed a friend of Bush declare her adoration for Bush. That’s when it hit me like a pile of bricks, my denial that Bush was as human as I was. OK, we live in two different worlds, but even so, everybody has a good/bad side. For eight years I was knee deep in anger that manifested onto judging others often and without hesitation. After that above mentioned interview, I’d suddenly felt excited about seeing the good within and lavishly seeing the good in others.

If it were easy, everyone would be kinder and gentler towards themselves. My daily challenge is to treat everyone with consideration and respect. Baby steps beget giant steps, everybody knows that.

How it came to be that American workers received livable wages in the 21st Century, will be recorded for history. You and I are worthy of Income Equality, you feeling me?