Americans, Get Your Billions Back

Expand Social Security payments, raise the minimum wage to fifteen ($15.00) dollars, and sign into law a single payer healthcare system. Americans deserve this and much more, but one thing at a time. So, could you feel comfortable with Democracy, knowing there are those vehemently opposed to it, to the degree of restricting our rights?. Let them, or rather, bring it on, bitch. My strategy, no lecture, no anger, no time to feel unfairly treated, just focus on getting our billions back.

Equality begets Democracy. Voter equality, marriage equality, housing equality, healthcare equality, income equality, police protection equality, justice system equality, environmental equality, you get the picture? We, Americans are all worthy of equality. If equality was easy, enough said!

When Americans talk about equality, politicians should listen, or not. OK, I’m not a player hater, but I’m my own expert and I allow others the same privilege, so may the best woman win. ;-D

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