Revenge Is Really A Serpent

Revenge thoughts seduces and tempts the living daylights out of me. The moment I have a angry thought about me or someone else, my revenge thoughts slither effortlessly. I’m almost certain that my fearful thoughts beget angry thoughts, and angry thoughts beget revengeful thoughts, and the rest is bad history. My point, revenge may feel romantic at the time, but as time passes, the absent of peace produces fear. Which brings me to my other point. Revenge thoughts are running rampant inside the Republican Party, because revenge is off the charts. One can’t trust the other and that my friends, equals civil war. Has a recovering Angriest Woman, I recognize angry people when I see them. After the 2008 elections, Boehner and McConnell conspired to whack the Government until it could fit inside a bathtub. Unbeknownst to them, but in plain sight to everyone else, extremists had invaded and taken control over the Republican Party. It soon became apparent that Boehner and McConnell were delegated to kowtowing to these extremists often and without hesitation. Anger ensued and today, Boehner vs McConnell are perfect examples of the consequences of kowtowing to extremists. The only thing they have in common is knowing that the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates are a clown car full of clowns and the reason they both anointed their own Presidents.

Not lost in all this drama, honoring our worthiness to vote. You and I are worthy of voting as much as we are worthy of Income Equality.

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