The Absent of Peace Within The Republican Party

Boom shocka locka, the civil war within the Republican Party, just got nastier. Did we or did we not, witness a split between House and Senate GOP? C’mon, don’t you see, Boehner kowtowed to the extremists in the House and anointed Netanyahu as their President. Then, McConnell kowtowed to the extremists in the Senate and anointed Cotton as their President. If I didn’t know better, Republicans asked for and received another war, but this war hit home. Thanks to Citizens United, the first casualties of the Republican’s civil war are the 2016 GOP Republican Presidential candidates. They’re seen as a clown car full of clowns that even the corporate media apparatus is starting to turn on them. It’s no longer fashionable to pretend that Walker, Christie, Bush, Paul, Carson, Huckebee, and the rest are worthy opponents. The Republican Party is absent of peace and the rank and file are engaged in a aggressive civil war.

Some of Hillary’s critics are not the usual suspects, but that doesn’t surprise me. Seriously, some pundits were easily duped by the manufactured, “E-mail” scandal. ;-D Anyhoot, just as pundits back in 2008 dismissed another Democratic President and still do, nothing has changed as far as that behavior.

Is the glass half-way full, you betcha, Income Equality knows no bounds, because you and I are worthy of it.

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