The Anti-Hillary Shit Storm

Has its benefits. It distracts millions of Americans from reaching their full potential, simply because they’re being mislead. All we can do, is have empathy for them. Was it not a surprised that a few of our liked-minded folks jumped the shark on this email “scandal?” Anybody over the age of ten (10) recognized this stale, outdated, and boring character assassination strategy perpetrated by the corporate media apparatus towards Hillary. Yet, a few of Hillary’s “supporters” jump the shark, concerned, worried, panicking that Hillary was being kick off the Presidential island. What the rest of the world witness was, “Really, you took the bait?” Listen, I ain’t mad at cha, because the biggest payout will belong to the one who knocks Hillary out of the Presidential race. C’mon, even I could be tempted to doing anything necessary to win that pot of gold, but if I were already an expert at insidiously lying, this create a shit storm around Hillary, would be a piece of cake, a walk in the park, a Grand Slam, you feeling me?

There are those who believe voting is a privilege and not a birth right. They habitually practice inequality, i.e. suppressing the vote. They cowardly go where cowardly men go, living in fear, so it’s not a surprise to me that they can justify suppressing votes. Underneath their patriotic veneer, they’re thieves and that smirk on their faces, thinly masked their feelings of inferiority. On the other hand, there are those who believe every American is worthy of voting, because we are all equal. Equality trumps Inequality. Just saying.

You and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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