Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Brick House

I say that with kindness. Hillary is a brick house, that lady is stack, that’s a fact, and she ain’t holding nothing back. If you thought Republicans hadn’t seal their faith by becoming hostage takers, think again. Truth be told, one of the distinctions between Hillary and that clown car of GOP Presidential candidates, Hillary holds our Government in high esteem, while they have no qualms holding our Government hostage to get what they want. You tell me, who has the “IT” factor? Need more proof? Ever wonder why the corporate media apparatus had been and decades later, still enamored with Hillary Rodham Clinton? Everybody loves a winner. OK, case closed, turn the lights out, this debate is over. ;-D

Personally, I’m looking forward to watching the corporate media apparatus clamoring for attention by featuring all things Hillary. Hillary honors our Government and honors the worthiness of every American like those before her. She is great!

Word to the wise, 20th Century reactions to all things Hillary, doesn’t look good on you. Tell ya what, Hillary has the “IT” factor, so it’s natural for her to have the BIGGEST target on her back. One of the many attributes I love about Hillary, is that she’s aligned with Infinite Patience. We’ve seen this power before, don’t get it twisted, Hillary is a brick house.

Oh, and by the way, Income Equality is another, “IT” factor. See America, everybody love winning.

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